Blog Post 8- Digital Story Script and Storyboard

I am observing a second grade class in Shaker Heights this semester and decided to do my digital story on community helpers in a Cleveland neighborhood.  While observing, the students have been discussing different careers and where they see themselves as an adult.  I think learning about community helpers is an important lesson since it may spark student’s interests and help them create future goals.

Below is my script for the digital story and in the google slides, there are images of what I plan to film throughout the community.

There are lots of helpers in our neighborhood

They provide our community with so much good

Today in my home of Lakewood, Ohio, I am on a quest!

To find many community helpers, who are sure to impress

I began my day at the Lakewood Library

One of my favorite spots near Lake Erie

The librarians are well versed on all of the books

They can talk about any character, from Nancy Drew to Captain Hook

Every time I walk in I am greeted with a smile

The librarians let me know I should stay awhile

After I left the library, I traveled down Detroit Road

To see the Lakewood Police abode

Police officers keep our community safe and sound

The amount of their good deeds truly abounds

Police officers drive motorcycles, bikes, and usually fast cars

But keep your eyes peeled, because some officers ride horses, and they sure can go far!

After the police department, I headed to the hospital

And hoped I might run into Dr. Dolittle

Doctors help keeps us all in good health

Which is even better than lots of wealth

They give us medicine to help us feel better when we are sick

And stitch up our cuts when we get more than a nick

After visiting the hospital, I left to find the teachers

They work in schools, which usually have bleachers!

Teachers help students learn many things

Like the answer to 2+2 and how butterflies get their wings

Teachers are supportive and truly care

They greet their students with a happy face and are always fair

Around the corner from the school is the fire department

When firefighters work extra-long days, it even becomes their apartment!

Firefighters put out many fires using a large hose with lots of water

And they wear a protective uniform because fires couldn’t be any hotter

After the fire station, I decided to head home to my house

When I arrived, I noticed the trash collectors took all of our garbage and recycling, leaving behind nothing, not even a mouse

Trash collectors keep our community clean

We have them to thank for keeping our neighborhood sparkling and green

As I walked up my front porch, I noticed the mail came

Mail carriers always make sure the community gets their letters, even in the snow and the rain

After getting the mail, I reflected on my quest, it was great!

I learned about many community helpers with such wonderful traits

It is important to say thank you to those who put others first

Their contributions to the community make our hearts burst!



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